West Brook Winery


West Brook Wines are proudly produced by the Ivicevich family, who have been making wine for over 100 years. First, in the old country, Croatia, where great great grandfather Ante Ivicevich began in the late 1800’s and planting his first vineyard in 1935, here in New Zealand. Today, the Ivicevich family are all involved in the wine industry. Today the third and fourth generations of this passionate family are still producing world class wines at West Brook.

In 2004 talented young wine maker James Rowan joined the team and between them, they have continued to produce some fabulous West Brook vintages in recent years.

West Brook’s 8 hectare Waimauku estate, now planted with 5 hectares of premium grape vines, was chosen for a number of very good reasons. The water (wai) here is pure and plentiful, the soil is special, unique to the location, and highly conducive to growing grapes.  The vineyard is nestled in a unique microclimate growing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Malbec.

Choose West Brook as a destination, for those who have visited know that coming here is a memorable experience. West Brook Wines , proud to be part of the Kumeu Wine Country.

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Sunday and Public holidays, 11am – 5pm

215 Ararimu Valley Road, Waimauku

Contact Details:
Ph: 09 411 9924
Fax: 09 411 9925
Email: info@westbrook.co.nz
Web: www.westbrook.co.nz